John the Editor

I typically charge anywhere from $500 and $2500 per book. If you’re on a tight budget, I won’t automatically turn you away; conversely, if you’re better off I will ask more. People from all walks of life have equal potential for writing talent and good ideas; none should experience a greater or lesser burden in ensuring the best possible presentation thereof.

I may or may not be the right editor for your project. Our working and communicative styles, interests, and attitudes may or may not be compatible. I love learning new things, though, and am open to more genres than are currently represented in my editorial c.v.

There are many factors in the time it takes to fully edit a novel-length manuscript, depending on its needs. For a manuscript that’s had beta readers and a round or two of cleanup and revision, I average about six to eight weeks from the beginning of the first pass through the final polish. This is usually the third pass, though I find some projects need only two and others five.

Inquiries Always Welcome.