John the Editor

A graduate of Shimer College, John Hart has edited books in a variety of genres including fantasy, horror, humor, young adult, memoir, and anthropology. He adores correct spelling, grammatical clarity, compelling characters, well-constructed plots, fact checking, properly cited sources, and jazz.

“I don’t have to look at your work to tell you if it’s worth pursuing. If you’re writing something you believe in, it’s worth it. If you’re writing something you don’t believe in, it isn’t… and why on earth are you doing that?”

About the Editor

© John Hart 2016

- Literary editor John Hart, not a moment ago.

“John is an amazingly thorough editor and is great to work with. He doesn’t just catch the errors. He gives suggestions on sentence construction and word choice, structural feedback, and ideas about character development. He does multiple passes to make sure that manuscripts are in the best shape possible when you hit publish. I would recommend him without reservation.”

- C. N. Crawford
Author of The Memento Mori Series